Haaga 697 Profi-line Battery Powered Triple Brush Sweeper, 38" Width

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  • 38-inches width
  • 13.2 gallon debris container
  • Battery powered
  • Sweeps fine, course dirt, wet and dry leaves
  • Ergonomic push handle
Haaga highly efficient, battery powered, easy to operate, 38-inches width, triple brush system sweeper.. The patented Turbo sweeping system sweeps twice with one move.. The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions grabbing the debris directly in front of the sweeper while the brush roller on the bottom picks up all the fine particles, all the debris is then deposited into the large easy to empty 13.2 gallon container.. The Profi-line battery sweeper is the next in the range of the new generation battery sweepers. Fitted with the turbo patented three brush sweeping system the sweeper is extremely light to use in operation. With all three brushes being battery driven for up to 90 minutes sweeping into corners is far easier as the brushes are rotating even when the sweeper is not moving forward. Even once the battery is empty the sweeper can be used in manual operation which makes this sweeper extremely versatile. After completing your work just plug the unit in with the charger provided and leave over night so it will be ready for the next day. Performance has been enhanced in this new range with new additions to the sweeper. Changes to the bin, sweeping plate, filters and dust seals around the third brush have all improved the dust retention along with sweeping performance. New ergonomic handle for fatigue free operation. A guiding roller and brush guider on one side only gives the added advantage of sweeping into corners, the other side with no roller allows the protruding brush to sweep better under an overlapping edge. Gear covers have also been fitted over the front disc drives to increase the durability. Easy to store and with the battery operation this sweeper is light and easy to use. Domestic: 4 years brush wear,2 years on the complete sweeper. Commercial: 12 months on complete sweeper.

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