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  • ✓ Add elegance to your bookshelf: tired of having so many cookbooks that pile up all over the house? Why not add some elegance to your bookshelf or kitchen with our unique cooking bookend that will organize all your cookbooks!
  • ✓ It's the perfect gift: our unique cooking book stopper is the perfect gift to buy for your cooking friends and family members! It adds such style to ones bookshelves or kitchen and will get everyone talking at the dinner table, not only about the food but the bookend too!!
  • ✓ Total support: our cooking book stopper will stand out on the shelf and creates interest and humor no matter the person!
  • ✓ Perfect addition to any room: whether it's for you, your friend, or family, no matter the age, our cooking bookends are perfect for any kitchen or bookshelf and adds such design and theme.
  • ✓ Always pick quality: our cooking bookends are made from very sturdy metal and will ensure its longevity. So put your wallets away because you would need to re buy this bookend because of rustiness or paint chips!
Organize Your Books By Genre!

These bookends are designed according to the theme of the books being supported. A series of unique bookends, designated to support books divided by themes or categories

Perfect Organizer!

Tired of having a bookshelf and not having the time or patience to organize each book one by one? Whether it's organizing your desk from book, dresser, counter, or bookshelf, use our bookends as the perfect organizer! Just take a pile of books by category, add the book stopper and voilà!

Buy Something No One Has:

Our book stopper is something no one has seen before! The illusions we create are fun and filled with design! Don't follow the trend, lead it!

How To Use It!

Each metal bookend has two sides, in each side - a figure, the two sides are complementary to one another. Just take stack your books and add the bookends and its ready for display!


7.5 x 4.7 x 7.9 inches

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