Waste King 5000-3 5 HP Commercial Food Waste Disposer

  • HIGH SPEED MOTOR: 5 HP, 1740 RPM Commercial Garbage Disposal with dual voltage
  • SOUND INSULATION: Hush Cushion isolates the unit from metal to metal contact significantly reducing noise level
  • EXTRA CUTTING POWER: Six Ripper Bars integrated with turntable
  • JAMS LESS: Two jam resistant, hardened stainless steel swivel impellers with tungsten carbide inserts
  • DURABLE: Cast iron grind chamber and exit chamber with an alloy grind ring
The Waste King 5000-3 Commercial garbage disposal unit is dual voltage and can run off 208-220 or 440 volts. The powerful 5 horsepower motor allows it to power through difficult food waste in extreme or continuous loads such as a large factory restaurant or a hotel. Stainless Steel Swivel Impellers swivel and retract if they encounter a jammed object, so that they return to the grinding position during revolution instead of jamming the turntable, reducing motor overloading and costly jams. Waste King’s stainless steel swivel impellers eliminate the need for reversing switches and special “de-jamming” wrenches. Stainless Steel Under cutter Blade located beneath the grind ring snips fibrous and stringy waste into small particles making them less likely to clog drain lines. Hush-Cushions isolate the unit from metal to metal contact, significantly reducing noise level. Hush-Cushions are specially designed to withstand vibration and tension, and have a built-in safety splash guard. Hush-Cushions are designed for a 6" cone or sink opening.

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