Artestia Ceramic Cheese Cooking (Fondue Set - Swiss Vintage)

  • European Swiss Vintage Style
  • Ceramic Cheese Fondue Cooking Set, include one fondue pot, one wrought iron rechaud with fondue burner, 6 pcs fondue forks
  • 2000ml volume (2.11qt), big size to serve a family
  • Dishwasher and Stovetop safe
  • Premium qualify, design and manufactured by Artestia
Planning on a holiday celebration, romantic anniversary dinner or family gathering party? Look no further, fondue dish is a must have! Cheese, chocolate, meat, everybody can be their own chefs enjoying personal favorites while having fun with it. The specials of a fondue cooking & smell leaves your party with great memories.

Artestia designs and manufactures high quality products. This Swiss Cheese Fondue Set is a great addition to your cooking collections.

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