Giant Colossal Lightly Salted Cashews in 1.25Lb Foil Wrapped Gift Box

  • Giant, colossal cashews that are freshly roasted
  • Read about us at Certified OU Kosher
  • Shrunk wrapped for freshness
  • Gold Foil Box w/Gold Bow We've been doing this since 1917
  • Shipped in a custom made corrugated mailing sleeve
Cashews are known as a delicacy around the world. They are excellent gifts because few buy them for themselves. You will remember anyone that gives you cashews. Cashews originated in Brazil but are grown in India, Vietnam and Nigeria. Cashews are really a seed and grow in a double wrapped toxic shell at the bottom of the Cashew Apple. The shell is burned off emitting a toxic fume similar to poison ivy. Remaining is the delicious, healthy cashew meat that contains healthy fats and 5 g of protein per ounce. Loaded with copper. magnesium, manganese, and antitoxins and oleic acid found in olive oil. Cashews are just plain good for us. Don't worry about the fat, it's the good kind!

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