Handheld Steam Cleaners Unknown 2050w Handheld Cleaner Portable Multi Purpose with Attachments New, Yellow

  • Multi Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner 1050w Portable Steamer W/attachments New
  • 11"Ã -5. 5"Ã -8. 3"(LA -WA -H)
Brand new and high quality High-temperature and high-pressure steam can clean and Disinfect most of the surface and deodorize Chemical-free, very environmental. ; Multi Purpose with different functional accessories for cleaning, killing bacteria, removing clothing wrinkles Higher safety with over heated protection Supplied with 3-pin power plug. ; Durable boiler body with extra-thick inner wall Energy-saving Easy to use. ; Disinfection and sterilization Cleaning the clothes Cleaning doors and windows Cleaning the floor boards. ; Color: Yellow Rating of power supply¯ ¼ šAC110-120V/60Hz, with earthed jack, and allowed current is greater than 5A Warm Up Time: 30 Minutes Tank capacity: 1050ml Optional capacity: 250ml Rated power: 900-1050W Steam pressure: 3bar.

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