5 Pounds of the Original, Self-Adhesive, Professional Grade Snow Flock. Iridescent flakes, and Pure White color for Artificial Tree, Real Christmas Trees and Wreaths

  • ACCENT WITH FAUX FRESHLY FALLEN SNOW: For live or artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, pine cones and seasonal decorations, we offer a stunning way to capture the beauty of fresh snow lightly resting on the branches and greenery of your evergreen! Simply apply the flocking and enjoy the crisp and clean look of snow without the worry of it melting away.
  • EASY TO APPLY FOR LONG-LASTING ENJOYMENT: Simply spritz with water to activate the adhesive flock which creates a realistic look of fresh snow. Apply as little or as much to achieve the look you desire. The bond created is durable and will withstand outside elements if placed in a covered area, as well as the warmth of your home.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The flocking is biodegradable and non-toxic to live plants. After the holiday season, recycle your live tree as normal; however, check with your municipality for assurance that they allow fake flocked trees in the program.
  • SAFE AND FLAME RETARDANT: Approved by the State of California Fire Marshall, so rest assured of this product's safety with the use of UL approved lights.
It's almost Christmas time, and our holiday decorating is just about to start. Don't miss a second of joy - surround yourself in awe-inspiring faux snow as realistic as if snow had just fallen on a cold winter's day.

Create an instant Winter Wonderland and surround yourself in the beauty and serenity of falling snow! The amazing advanced flock formula creates bright white faux snow, so realistic that it takes a touch to realize it isn't cold!

No matter if you're in a never-does-it-snow region of the country, you'll enjoy the look of freshly fallen snow. Apply it heavily for the look of a hard snow, such as in a blizzard, or lightly for a soft, just-kissed touch!

Please be sure to read our easy-to-follow instructions! They are included with every purchase.

Purchase your package of the flocking today! We'll ship it fast so you can enjoy the process of decorating with snow!

Our snow flocking powder is supplied from the number one manufacturer of Christmas tree lot supplies and Christmas tree flock in the United States.

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