Kegco HBK209S-2 Keg Dispenser

  • INCLUDES COMPLETE KEG TAPPING KIT: With the direct draw kit included with this kegerator, all that will be left up to you is to fill the CO2 tank and provide the kegs of brew! The kit includes an upgraded dual faucet stainless steel draft tower, a CO2 tank with a red corrosion-resistant coating, and a premium dual gauge regulator at no additional charge to you, meaning you will get an extra $37 worth of value added to this kit.
  • LARGE INTERIOR: This keg beer refrigerator has a spacious interior that is large enough to hold up to three ball lock home-brew kegs. This allows you to dispense from two kegs while keeping a third cool for later. When you're not using this kegerator to dispense delicious home-brewed beer, it can be easily converted into an all-refrigerator for extra food and beverage storage. The two included adjustable shelves can be placed far enough apart to hold gallon jugs or 2-liter bottles.
  • SLEEK AND STYLISH DESIGN: A textured top surface and guard rail lines the top of the beautiful black cabinet with stainless steel door, helping to prevent spillage and knocked over glasses. A dishwasher safe drip tray sits under the faucet to help catch drips and spills, and is dishwasher safe to make cleaning easy. Standing on four locking casters, this kegerator is easy to relocate around your home for parties and get-togethers, or to make cleaning more convenient.
  • POWERFUL AND ENERGY EFFICIENT COOLING TECHNOLOGY: Thermostatic temperature control lets you keep this keg cooler in the range of 35 degrees Fahrenheit to 42 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to adjust the temperature to best suit the type of beer you'll be dispensing. The adjustable mechanical temperature control is easily accessed at the back of the unit. This kegerator has a 25% more energy efficient design to deliver powerful cooling while saving you money each month.
  • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: This high-quality kegerator has been specially designed to deliver high-performance homebrew beer dispensing for years to come! It is CSA listed, and all dispensing accessories are UL recognized components. The stainless steel plate that lines the bottom of the cooler ensures that the weight of your kegs is evenly distributed, so that the lining will not become damaged over time. It also allows your kegs to glide smoothly in and out when loading and unloading.
Bring the fun of a brewery tasting room into the comfort of your own home by dispensing your homebrew from Kegco's HBK209S-2 Dual Faucet Home-Brew Kegerator! Thanks to this kegerator's two-faucet design and large interior, you can easily dispense from up to two ball lock home brew kegs at a time while keeping a third perfectly cooled. When you share your home brew straight from the tap, your guests will get a richer tasting experience than they would from drinking out of a regular bottle, allowing them to observe your brew's hue and clarity, appreciate it's brewery-fresh taste and aroma, and enjoy the perfect temperature and effervescence. Kegco has included a specially designed two-product direct draw kit with this homebrew kegerator, so all you'll need to add is the CO2 gas and the kegs of beer. The complete kit includes a polished stainless steel two-faucet draft tower, CO2 cylinder with corrosion-resistant red coating, and premium double gauge regulator. For ease of serving the HBK209S-2 features a textured top surface and a guard rail that helps prevent your mugs and glasses from sliding off as well as a dishwasher-safe drip tray that catches drips and spills and can be thrown in the dishwasher for hassle-free clothing. The four locking casters make it easy to move this kegerator from the kitchen to the dining room to the patio, so you can offer your guests delicious home brew no matter where in the house they are. The keg cooler features a stainless steel plate on the bottom that evenly distributes the weight of your kegs for maximum durability, and it comes with two removable storage shelves that allow you to convert the kegerator into a regular refrigerator or beverage cooler when it's not being used to dispense kegs.

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