Marvel Built-In Kegerator - X-CLUSIVE Premium 1 Faucet Home Brew Keg Tapping Kit - Overlay Door

  • MARVEL KEGERATOR: Suitable for built-in or freestanding applications and designed for indoor use only, this Marvel Kegerator features enhanced microprocessor technology, an ultra-efficient compressor, and an integrated drain system. It has a fully-finished black cabinet with an overlay door that accepts a custom wood panel, and comes complete with Beverage Factory's X-CLUSIVE Premium 1-Faucet Homebrew Keg Tap Kit and everything needed to dispense one ball lock keg of homebrew beer.
  • DELUXE HAND PUMP PRESSURIZED CLEANING KIT WITH 32 OZ. CLEANER: With this kit, you no longer need to remove the faucets to clean your dispense system. Simply unscrew the fitting on the draft beer line from the keg coupler and screw it onto the cleaning kit. This kit includes a high pressure hand pump cleaning bottle, a 32 oz. bottle of beer line cleaner, and a nylon faucet brush. The cleaning solution can be used for approximately 32 cleanings.
  • 100% STAINLESS STEEL CONTACT SINGLE FAUCET DRAFT BEER TOWER: This tower uses stainless steel components for better tasting beer. The fittings, shank, and faucet are all made from stainless steel, so your beer will only come into contact with durable and sanitary stainless steel all the way from the keg to your glass. One black ABS plastic faucet knob, mounting screws, and a mounting gasket are also included with this tower.
  • PRO SERIES DOUBLE GAUGE CO2 REGULATOR: This Pro Series dual gauge CO2 regulator works with any CO2 cylinder with a CGA-320 valve and measures both PSI and the volume of the CO2 gas in the cylinder. It also features a pressure release valve and a large hand control that makes it easy to adjust the pressure inside of the keg without requiring a screwdriver.
  • BALL LOCK HOMEBREW KEG COUPLERS: The complete ball lock homebrew keg tap set includes both a gas in and a beer out coupler for easy tapping of Cornelius Pepsi kegs. The gas in comes with a 1/4" nut and 5/16" hose barb already attached to quickly connect to the same size air line that standard draft beer regulators use, and the beer out has a 3/16" hose barb that connects to standard 3/16" beer line.
It is now easier than ever to make the switch from bottling your home brewed beer to serving it straight from the tap thanks to this MPMVKBO1XHB kegerator, which combines a high-performance Marvel draft beer dispenser with Beverage Factory's specially designed X-CLUSIVE Single Tap Home-Brew Keg Tapping Kit. This stylish homebrew beer dispenser hides your kegs from sight while keeping them cooled to their ideal serving temperature, ensuring that you'll always be ready to serve your guests a frosty-cold glass of your delicious home brewed beer! The keg cooler can accommodate up to three ball lock Pepsi Cornelius kegs, or either one half or one quarter keg. It features an overlay door that accepts a custom wood panel to match surrounding cabinetry, and is suitable for either built-in or freestanding use. This single product kegerator comes with Beverage Factory's X-CLUSIVE One-Tap Homebrew Keg Tapping Kit, which includes a single faucet stainless steel draft tower, two sets of ball lock home-brew keg couplers, one 5 lb. CO2 tank, one premium Pro Series dual gauge CO2 regulator, and all of the hoses and washers necessary to dispense one ball lock keg of home brew beer.

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