Kids Baking Set - 4 Piece Kids Cooking Utensils - Small Silicone Kitchen Tools for Kids or Adults - Whisk, Basting Brush, Scraper, Spatula. Durable Kids Baking Cooking Utensils - Chefocity eBook

  • UNLIKE OTHER KIDS BAKING SETS that are made of cheap plastic, this set is made of the same high grade silicone as adult utensils. These cooking utensils are smaller than adult sets so they fit better in smaller hands.
  • KIDS LOVE having their own cooking supplies and gadgets. This kids baking set fits in smaller hands.
  • This kids baking set is DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS who love to bake. Makes a great gift.
  • These kids cooking supplies are durable and heat resistant and hold up to real world cooking. Also makes great cooking toys for girls and boys.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - 100% money back guarantee when purchased by Wunder Enterprises. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, just return it for a full refund.

4 PIECE KIDS BAKING SET Made of food grade silicone. This silicone cooking utensil set is ideal for kids that love to help in the kitchen. These utensils are made for actual cooking, not a cheap plastic toy set. The silicone helps prevent kitchen burns as silicone does not conduct heat like metal utensils. Silicone utensils prevent scratching of your best cookware and helps preserve the non stick coating. Silicone is heat resistant to help prevent burns. Preserve the finish on your expensive cookware by using the proper tools.

· 4 PIECE KIDS COOKING UTENSILS includes Multi Color Silicone Whisk, Red Basting Brush, Green Small Scraper, Light Blue Small Spatula. Children's Real Cooking Utensils.

· BEST UTENSILS FOR NON STICK COOKWARE. Silicone prevents scratching of your best cookware and helps preserve the nonstick coating.

· KIDS REAL COOKING UTENSILS - This set is IDEAL FOR THE JUNIOR CHEF that loves to be in the kitchen. Intended for real world cooking and is not a kids toy cooking set.

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