Cooktop & Stovetop Griddle Frying Pan-Large Square 11'' Non-Stick Aluminum Flat Cooking & Grilling Skillet- Perfect Heat Distribution-For Vegetables, Pancakes, Fish & More - Dishwasher Safe

  •  BUY ONCE, ENJOY FOR LIFE: This top notch grill and stovetop griddle pan is made of extremely durable aluminum which makes it oven safe to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The heavy duty construction assures even heat distribution, effectively reducing hot spots which cause your food to burn.
  •  LARGE COOKING SURFACE: Whether you wish to fry vegetables, grill meat or make a quick, delicious breakfast, this cooktop griddle pan is the perfect choice for you! Featuring a large, 11'', square surface, it provides you with ample space, giving you the chance to unleash your imagination and make unique dishes!
  •  MAKE DELICIOUS SNACKS AND DISHES EFFORTLESSLY: The carefully designed, durable, non-stick coating makes cooking a piece of cake! Allowing for effortless food release and effectively preventing food from sticking on the pan, this flat grilling tray is ideal for preparing anything from snacks to pancakes and gourmet dishes.
  •  ERGONOMIC DESIGN THAT ASSURES EASY HANDLING: This professional flat top griddle features a practical design which assures maximum comfort while cooking! The long, dual riveted handle provides a firm, steady grip, helping you easily move, transfer and control your skillet griddle.
  •  INCOMPARABLE EASY TO KEEP CLEAN: Forget about scrubbing for hours in order to clean your cooking pans once and for all! This top notch non-stick drip griddle pan is dishwasher safe, allowing you to save time and effort and enjoy maximum hygiene.

Make Delicious Breakfasts, Yummy Snacks And Mouth Watering Dinners Quickly And Effortlessly Thanks To The Ultimate Non-Stick Griddle Pan Which Is Now Available On Amazon!

If you are a kitchen enthusiast who has had enough with low quality cooking pans which burn food, turning cooking into a complete disaster, you have come to the right place!

This amazing flat stovetop griddle has been carefully designed to assure the perfect heat distribution, allowing you to serve dishes that will satisfy even the most demanding guests!

Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction, 11'' Frying Surface And Long Lasting Non-Stick Coating

Stop wasting your money on cheaply made frying pans which get rusty and warped once and for all!

This must have large cooktop griddle is made of premium quality, incomparably durable aluminum that assures unmatched longevity.

The 11'' square frying and grilling surface provides ample space for cooking anything you like including French fries, toasts, fish, pancakes and gourmet dishes alike!

What is more, being 350 degrees Fahrenheit oven safe, this professional flat griddle pan provides you with countless options!

Last but not least, the unique, sturdy non-stick coating makes cooking way easier, preventing food from sticking on the surface.

Extremely Easy To Handle And Keep Clean

This stovetop grilling tray features a practical, ergonomic design that facilitates effortless handling.

The long, comfortable handle assures a steady grip, allowing you to easily hold, lift and manoeuvre the grill skillet.

Moreover, this non-stick griddle pan is dishwasher safe, helping you save time and effort!

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