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  • THE HEALTHY CHOICE - Meal prepping techniques make the healthiest choice the most convenient choice. Our Meal Prep Containers help develop sustainable habits that build a healthy lifestyle.
  • SAFE AND REUSABLE - FDA approved food grade plastic - Our meal prep containers are safe to microwave, freeze and clean using a dishwasher (top shelf).
  • SAVE TIME AND STAY FIT - Meal prep techniques can help save hours each week otherwise spent preparing daily meals. Take control of your meals and meet your fitness goals.
  • TOP QUALITY MEAL PREP- Our meal prep containers are Proudly made right here in the USA with BPA Free plastic.
  • SECURE LID-LOCK - Our Meal Prep Containers are designed to keep your food secure on the go. Don't have a lunchbox? No problem, our containers are rated to hold your dry meal prep, sideways, or even upside down in transit. (Note: Not Rated for Liquids)

instecho Ceramic Space Heater

This product uses ceramic heating body, and the resistance can be adjusted according to the temperature of the body, so that the temperature can be kept at the set value, and it can not overheat, and has the characteristics of energy saving, safety and long service life,. It's good for using at home and office, and it's a must-have product in winter.

Why do you need to choose this space heater?

① Intelligent design: when the heater is covered /blocked or tipped over,the heater will stop working automatically.

② PTC ceramic heating technology: it can not overheat, at the same time , it can energy saving, safety and long service life. It can output wind quickly.

③ Safety and environmental protection:The fuselage adopts imported ABS flame retardant material, reaching V0 grade flame retardant.

④ 90 degree Oscillating heating.

⑤ Recessed carry handle design.

⑥ Design of back air inlet grille, effectively reduce windage and reduce noise.

⑦ Noise reduction technology:The noise is very small, not more than 45 decibels.


△The Warming Fan still working 20 second until it completely shut off.

△It better not put it on the carpet and keep away from Children.

△Please do not cover the heater when it is working.

△Don't put it beside the curtain, or something easy to be sucked in.

What you get

☀Mini Space Heater*1

☀User Manual*1

☀1 year warranty

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