Wicked Sense Groovy Daze Scented Candle (Soy Wax)

  • Eliminates Smoke Odor, Food Odor, Pet Odor & other household odor.
  • Fragrance: Sweet Melons mixed with a wicked blend of various fruits.
  • Designed to remove the odor from the air and not just mask it.
  • Made from Soy blend wax. Clean Burn. Minimal waste.
  • Indoor / Outdoor Use. Burn Time: 70+ hours.
Wicked Sense "Groovy Daze" 13oz jar candle. Our candles are carefully designed to remove Food Odor, Cooking Odor, Smoke Odor & other Household Odor. Works within minutes, burns more than 70 hours. Made in USA.

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