Garzisi Black Truffle Flakes (3.88oz/110g)

  • Imported from Abruzzo, Italy - Gourmet Black Truffle Flakes
  • Experience the real flavor of the best truffles of Abruzzo
  • Black Truffle Aestivum - Summer Black Truffle, shaved truffles preserved in Sunflower Oil
  • Serving Suggestions: elevate your dishes from simple pizza, brie cheese, to pastas
  • 100% Natural Product, for the discerning palate,
Black truffles at their finest. Luxurious aroma and flavor. A great alternative to truffle sauce. A wonderful way to elevate your dishes from simple pizza, brie cheese, to pastas. The truffle, precious and mysterious fruit of our land, has always enchanted us with its intense aroma and unmistakable taste.b For this reason we have decided to enhance it by bringing to your table a product which is 100% natural. In the preparation of our sauces we place particularly importance to the raw ingredients, with a careful selection of the best truffles of Abruzzo. The vacuum cooking at low temperatures and sterilization at 120 °C make them particularly delicate and maintain a clear distinction of the flavors of the individual ingredients. You can purchase with confidence as there are no synthetic flavorings only natural ingredients.

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