Lucky Cook sharp and convenient kitchen boning knife for cooking and ingredient preparation

  • Razor Sharp - our boning knife can remove all the meat from bones, whether you are dealing with beef, pork, chicken or fish. We specifically pre-sharpen all our kitchen tools to be ready for action right out of the box.
  • Quality Materials - this is a stainless steel knife with a stiff blade, that means it won't chip or rust, and since carbon content is high, it has a good, lasting edge retention. Redwood on the handle is a tough material meant to serve you for a long time.
  • Comfortable Grip - redwood handle sits very comfortably in your hand, providing the ergonomics necessary for your cooking project to be successful.
  • Good Balance - a lightweight de-boning knife like that must be perfectly balanced to minimize fatigue and increase convenience.
  • First Class Aesthetics - the knife looks positively luscious, with dark red wooden riveted handle, golden brass bolster and a tightly polished blade.
Lucky Cook's boning knife is a great instrument of any cook, chef or butcher. Deboning, filleting, skinning and trimming meat is much simpler with a dedicated tool like that. The blade is made narrow, sharp and stiff, so that you can adapt to any bone and mear you may encounter.

The blade is sturdy, but it tapers gradually to the point, this way you can operate in all the narrow places, but still be confident the knife wont break.

The redwood handle is comfortable and classical in its shape. It won't slip out of your hands, feel awkward or tiresome. Instead, you will always be able to feel the edge alignment on your knife and adjust it precisely. All of that matters, if you are looking for the best cooking performance possible.

The handle is triple riveted, for extra sturdiness and longevity. We have added strong yellow brass bevel to further strengthen overall construction.

All those qualities were combined into a single kitchen tool that will fill in an essential niche in your array of cooking tools.

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