Crazy Korean Cooking Premium Kimchi, Sauerkraut Fermentation and Storage Container with Inner Vacuum Lid

  • The original sandy brown colored container for foods with strong color
  • The Perfect fermentation and storage container combining the ancient Korean Onggi principle with modern andeasy-to-use technology
  • High quality polypropylene plastic mixed with 7-10% natural clay for optimal porosity and all components are made with FDA approved materials, free of BPA, DEHP and lead
  • It induces anaerobic environment in which the beneficial bacteria (lactic acid-producing bacteria) thrive and the crispy texture and vibrant color are maximized
  • The adjustable inner vacuum lid to minimize air inside, protect the surface of the food
The E-jen fermentation and storage container is widely loved in Korea as the best modern container for fermenting and storing kimchi and jang (Korean fermented sauces). It is also great for making sauerkraut, pickles and fermented beverages as well as other foods requiring airtight storage, such as fresh vegetables, coffee beans, bread, seaweed, cookies, cereals, grains and even dry pet foods. The container is made from high quality durable polypropylene plastic. Like Onggi, the container has very fine pores which allow minimal air flow. This keeps the food fresh while preventing aerobic bacteria from thriving. The simple yet brilliant design of the inner vacuum lid allows easy adjustment of the lid position according to the level of food. So regardless of the amount of food, the container induces an anaerobic environment in which the beneficial bacteria (lactic acid producing bacteria) thrive and the crunchy texture and vibrant color are maximized. The carbon dioxide released by lactic acid producing bacteria is absorbed back to the kimchi juice, creating a more refreshing taste. Although the smell of kimchi is the result of healthy bacteria producing lactic acid, it can be quite powerful. The E-jen container's double lids contain the smell better than most containers, preventing the smell from filling the kitchen or the fridge. The E-jen container is easy to handle and clean. It is dishwasher safe and heat/cold resistant. It is free of BPA, DEHP and lead. All components are made with materials that are FDA approved.

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