Baulia RVC813 Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Carpets & Wood Floors - Wi-Fi Enabled, Connects with Alexa-Powerbot Self Charging System - Automatic Sweeping, Mopping & Vacuuming All in One Machine, Black

  • 5 useful cleaning modes in one superb machine - set the wifi Robotic vacuum with the touchscreen remote or voice guidance. You have the option of an auto clean, spot cleaning, edge cleaning, Zigzag cleaning, or schedule a clean when you go out
  • Maintain your hardwood floors to its new condition - this mopping Robot vacuum has a small water tank, so it can automatically do a damp clean and leave your hardwood floors or tiles gleaming and polished
  • Keep your carpets dust and Odor free - slim design can fit under your sofia, beds or entertainment center. Powerful suction will remove dust, debris, pet hairs and dirt from your carpets and get into those hard to reach places
  • Automatic smart Vacuum bot/goes to sleep on his own when tired - no need to Babysit, the hybrid vacuum cleaner will automatically dock at the charging station when the battery is running low. It will also auto adjust to any floor type - tile, Laminate, wood, carpet or marble
  • 360 navigation ability to prevent damage or injury - built in anti-fall sensors can automatically detect gaps to prevent the robot from falling down stairs, and proximity sensors will assess the territory and Avoid any surrounding obstacles
No more slaving away with bulky vacuums or Hiring cleaning help, when you’ve got a robotic cleaner to do all the work!life can always get more simpler and convenience!

baulia robotic vacuums are designed to do two different tasks. They can suction dirt and mop your hardwood or tile floors.The smart device will detect what floor You have, and clean accordingly.Make your life simple by setting the vacuum Bot while you’re asleep or at work and come home to a spotless home.General Features:

▶ powerful suction up to 25 W yet extremely quiet low Humming sound.▶ WiFi enabled powerful vacuum connects with Alexa and will respond to voice guidance.▶ mopping function can sweep, vacuum and damp mop your floors.▶ 5 cleaning pattern modes: auto clean, spot clean, edge clean, zig zag clean, schedule clean.▶ obstacle Detection allows avoiding Smashing into any chair legs or stuff lying around.▶ dual spinning side brushes – sweeps the dirt into neat piles to suction up.▶ Allergen friendly HEPA filter keeps the air pure and fine and keeps dust particles trapped inside the dustbin.▶ Slim and compact design to fit under couches, beds, sofas, and coffee table.▶ auto self charging system will automatically return to the charging dock when battery is low.▶ lithium-ion battery provides over 90 mins of cleaning time.▶ anti-fall cliff protection will ensure your vacuum won't fall down stairs.▶ works on any type of floor with auto detection.▶ touch screen remote control.The compact robot cleaner can even do the job better than humans!

it will coast its way under your furniture to get rid of all those dust bunnies and hairs that collect in hard to reach places.What's included:

✔ 1x robot vacuum cleaner>✔ 1x charging dock station

✔ 1x remote controlled>✔ 1x power adaptor>✔ 1x rolling brush

✔ 4x side brush

✔ 1x sponge filtered>✔ 1 x water tank

✔ 1x user Manual

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