SumDirect 100PCS Aluminum Foil Mylar Bags Vacuum Packaging Pouches with Tear Notches for Cooking, Steaming, Food Storage, High Temperature Foil Open Top Heat Seal Sample Packets(15x22cm)

  • Can be Used for Cooking: Suit for high temperature cooking and steaming.
  • Extensive Use: The flat pouches are perfect to store and pack dehydrated foods, candies, coffee beans, dried flowers, grains, herbs, jerky, masks, nut-fruits, tea leaves, tobacco, powder and so on.
  • Heat Sealable on the Open Top of Mylar Bags: The open top of bags can be vacuum sealed and also be heat sealed, so the airtight bags keep the foods and insides items fresh for long time.
  • Protection against moisture and water: Helpful to keep your products clean and free from moisture.
  • Outside Size: 5.9x8.6inches/15x22cm, Usable Sizes:13x21cm/5x8inches Quantity: 100Pcs


Made of aluminum foil

Color: Silver

High temperature and low temperature resistance:

These bags can withstand 100°C to 120 °C high temperature cooking, but also resistant to -25 °C low temperature freezing.

Wide-ranging usage:

Suitable for packing dehydrated food, dried flowers, nuts, tea leaves, candies, coffee beans, jerky, masks, medicines, pills, pearls, all kinds of lotion, powder, small jade, cosmetics, etc. 

The open top not only can be vacuum sealed, but also heat sealing: 

The top can be heat sealed after filled with content.

Waterproof and Moisture-proof:

Made of aluminum foil, excellent barrier properties to oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, can greatly extend the shelf life of food.

Excellent ability to resistant puncture. Not easily broken. Strong Anti-fouling effect.

U-notch Design:

The bag comes with u-notch, easily tear and open.

Package Included:100 pieces

Thickness: 0.08mm/0.003inch

Warm Tips:

As manual measurement, please allow a small dimension error.

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