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  • WHAT IF your stove/counter was actually the right height? Also perfect for step into tall beds, baths
  • 4.2 INCHES OF HEIGHT helps eliminate wrist, elbow, and shoulder pain and helps you avoid splattering grease and cook more comfortably
  • A WIDE, STABLE WORKING PLATFORM with plenty of room to move side to side and front to back with ANTI-FATIGUE, NON-SLIP MAT ensures solid footing, comfort and safety
  • ROCK SOLID CONSTRUCTION supports up to 500 pounds
  • Return Policy: Customer pays return shipping plus 20% - 50% restocking fee depending on return condition.

Stoves are built for people that are "average height"

But for everyone below that height, cooking is uncomfortable and unsafe.

What a difference 4 inches can make

The Cooking Stage is a wide, stable working platform that gives 4.2 inches in height to comfortably reach all areas of the stove, including the back burners. And there's plenty of room to move side to side and front to back. It's as if your stove was actually the right height.

Safety matters

The Cooking Stage allows you to keep your face and arms farther from heat and splattering grease. Rock solid construction supports up to 500 pounds and a non-slip, anti-fatigue mat ensures solid footing. Cooking more comfortably and safely brings back the joy in cooking.

A beautiful piece of kitchen furniture

It's not your average cooking stool or kitchen mat. This step stool/platform looks great in a kitchen, in both real birch wood or clean white advanced polymer.

Product weight: The medium Cooking Stage weighs 10 lbs. It may seem a little heavy for the size and material. This is by design so that it can be strong and sturdy to give you confidence stepping on and off. The Cooking Stage is much stronger than most plastic products you are used to.

Consider the size and weight before buying.

Refund Policy: We will provide a refund for product returned within 30 days. The Cooking Stage must be in new condition, in the original box with the manual and plastic bag.

Return Shipping: PLEASE READ

1. We provide prepaid return shipping for: Product damaged due to shipping or Product defects.

2. All other reasons, RETURN SHIPPING MUST BE PAID FOR BY THE CUSTOMER. Please check the cost of shipping (Box: 33"X17"X5" /12lb) from your location to 2511 South Edison Way, Compton, CA 90220 before purchase. 20% - 50% Restocking fees apply per Amazon policy.

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