SUPER DEAL Portable Full-Automatic Washing Machine 1.6 Cu. ft. Laundry Washer 2in1 Washer&Spinner w/Drain Pump and Extra Long Hose

  • A great option for compact living quarters, or people that rarely wash large loads. This powerful washing machine features a completely automatic cycle, and it runs on electricity by plugging into any standard outlet. Instead of dumping water in, or tipping it over to pour out the dirty stuff, high quality intake hoses attach to a sink faucet to make the process effortless.
  • EXTRA LARGE LOAD: Large Capacity. Ample, honeycomb shaped inner tub can load 10 lbs at one time, which is big enough for several items at once, and will even accommodate larger garments like pairs of jeans or bed sheets. Which is great if you and your family members need something cleaned quickly for work the next day or for a night out.
  • PROGRAMMED CONTROL PANEL - Designed with a computer control panel that allows you to set your own cycle, 10 programs, 8 water level selections- ALL LED display. All functions and operation including water level/spin, program/delay, time set and child lock are listed clearly. Detergent and procedure choice are also included to meet your various needs.
  • A NUMBER OF FUNCTIONS - Under delay function, previous to washing, the digital timer shows your preset time but when it is washing, the digital timer shows the rest washing time. Pressing water level/spin button, you can select appropriate level. If you need to add water during washing, you can press water level/spin button and un-press will stop adding. It's a washer that does exactly what you want, the way you want.
  • HUMANIZATION DESIGH - As an option, the user can easily select wash only, rinse only, spin only, repeat the steps as many times as needed or skip a step if wanted. And if you want to pause the washer to let the clothes soak for as much time you want, go ahead! It will not drain the water and cancel the cycle. Great for anyone that lives where larger machines aren't possible, but also nice for other folks that would prefer to wash certain things separately!
Say goodbye to the laundromat with SUPER DEAL compact portable fully automatic washing machine, with no hookup required.

Use SUPER DEAL Portable Washing Machine occasionally for clothes, sheets, pairs of jeans, cloth baby diapers, delicate undergarments, silks and other fine fabrics, or use all the time to avoid trips to the laundromat.

Why It's Good?

【Eco-friendly】- Our machine uses far less water, soap and electricity when compared to larger appliances.

【No noise】- Tired of  washers that take forever to balance the load before the spin cycle? What about the floor shaking and the downstairs neighbors complaining? Automatic Imbalance Adjustment and Adjustable Foot. No out of balance spins, no walking, no jumping, no noises.

【Safe spin】- With detailed and specific manual, it is easy and convenient for you to operate it and inlet and drain water. Clear and transparent lid allows you to see and monitor the water and washing condition. Once child lock function is set, all buttons are locked and the machine stops run and error alarms if the top lid is opened.

【Effortless Filling】 - Features intake hoses that hook to your faucet. No need to pour in water manually like other options require, but you can fill without hoses if you need to.

【Compatible 】- Use it almost anywhere. It hooks up to any regular, 110V outlet.


Cabinet Material: PP Plastic;

Metal Motor: Aluminum

Inner tub: stainless steel

Dimension: 19.7"x19.8"x33.6"(L x W x H)

Net weight: 51Lbs

Form factor:top-loading

8 water level: 23L,26L, 29L,33L, 36L, 39L, 42L, 46L

Rated voltage and frequency: 110V/60Hz

Rated wash/spincapacity: 10Lbs

Length of inlet pipe: 40"

Length of drain pipe: 79"

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