Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - The Best Way to Preserve Food - Food Dehydrator, Small Size, Red Color

  • EASY TO USE - Entirely automatic process. Simply press start and the machine alerts you when the food is done.
  • SAVE MONEY - Freeze drying at home saves up to 70% over buying prepackaged freeze-dried food.
  • CREATE A FOOD STORAGE - Freeze dry up to 312 gallons of food per year and have food on hand for any emergency.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET STARTED - Comes with a set of trays, mylar bags, a bag sealer, oxygen absorbers, vacuum pump, and oil filter. Everything you need to freeze dry is included.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL LIFESTLYES - Make healthy snacks for on the go snacking, backpacking meals for lightweight and nutritious food in the backcountry, or create an emergency food supply to give your family increased safety and security.
Freeze drying is the easiest and best way to preserve food. You can freeze dry fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, full meals, desserts, and much more in a home freeze dryer. Preserved food can be used immediately or stored for up to 25 years. With a home freeze dryer, you can make emergency meals, snacks, backpacking meals, and transform foods for use in baking.

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