Bartollo Premium Silicone Kitchen Utensil Collection | Iron Core with Heat Resistant Nonstick Silicone for No-Scratch Cookware | Best 14-Pc Cooking Utensils Set | Bonus Measuring Cups & Spoons | Black

  • 🍳 DURABLE KITCHEN TOOLS - Mix, fry, whisk and bake without bending or breaking your cooking utensils. We've incorporated a strong metal core inside each piece to prevent them from falling apart.
  • 🍳 NON-TOXIC & ANTI-BACTERIAL - Our utensils are made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone in a seamless one-piece design that prevents water or food accumulation, which can lead to bacteria growth.
  • 🍳 PAN-FRIENDLY - The soft silicone exterior of our utensils won't scratch the non-stick coating off of your cookware. No matter how hard you press, be assured your expensive pans are protected.
  • 🍳 HIGH HEAT RESISTANCE - Bartollo kitchen utensils have a high tolerance for heat. They can take up to 550°F without going soft, getting deformed or melting. All pieces are also dishwasher-safe.
  • 🍳 ALL YOU NEED IN ONE BOX - From spatula to server, our collection includes the most useful tools you will ever need to create sumptuous meals. Plus a corkscrew and FREE measuring cups and spoons!
Are your flimsy cooking utensils preventing you from creating your best dishes?

Even with the most outstanding cooking skills, it would be difficult to prepare awe-inspiring meals if you are not equipped with the right tools. Although cooking utensils are not scarce on the market, finding the right kind can be quite a challenge.

To nourish millions of souls and enrich people's lives, renowned & successful Chef Luigi Bartollo, began family owned restaurant journey way back in 1921 in Italy. His company's mission is to challenge high-end kitchen utensils by providing a high quality yet affordable collection.

Explore and enhance your food prep capabilities with the Bartollo Premium Silicone Kitchen Utensil Collection!

Bartollo's premium collection range - "La Spezia" - is a breakthrough kitchen utensil set. Each tool is made with one seamless piece of food-grade silicone to keep it durable, bacteria-free and easy to wash.

The strong metal core keeps each tool sturdy and prevents bending or breaking. It is covered in a silicone material known for its high heat resistance. Unlike plastic or nylon, it won't melt or burn.

The collection includes:
- Slotted Turner
- Slotted Spoon
- Big Spatula
- Small Spatula
- Brush
- Tongs
- Whisk
- Ladle
- Spaghetti Server
- Spatula Spoon
- Peeler
- Corkscrew
- Measuring Spoons
- Measuring Cups

Here are more reasons to love the Bartollo Kitchen Collection:

🍳 Dishwasher-safe
🍳 One piece, hygienic design
🍳 Versatile tools for both amateur cook and professional chef
🍳 Tested and trusted by thousands of satisfied customers
🍳 Risk-free full refund. No hassles. No questions asked.

Express your culinary imagination with the Bartollo Premium Silicone Kitchen Utensil Collection. Add it to your cart TODAY!

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