Silicone Bags for Food - Resealable, Leak-Proof, and Eco-Friendly Silicone Food Storage Bag - Reusable Sandwich Bags for Cooking, Freezing, and Storing - Food-Safe - Pack of 4 (2 Small, 2 Large)

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  • ZERO CHANCE OF LEAKS: These reusable snack bags seal incredibly tight so there is no chance of spills; airtight seal keeps food and liquid inside the sous vide bags fresh; measurements on side provide useful guide when adding food or liquid
  • COMPLETELY FOOD-SAFE: These FDA-approved reusable lunch bags are completely food safe, they contain no BPA, no chemicals, and are made in safe conditions; wash before using, and the food-grade silicone won't affect odor or taste of food
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: Wash the reusable freezer bags in the dishwasher with no damage; they take up very little space in your drawer, and when full the bottom of bag stays flat for easy storage; you can even write on bags with dry erase marker
  • SAVE MONEY AND THE PLANET: Eco-friendly reusable food storage bags can be used over and over again; save money by making a one-time purchase; great gift for cooks, moms, or anyone who cares about the planet
The Safe, Convenient, Eco-Friendly Way to Store Your Food Are you sick of wasting money buying countless plastic bags to store your food? The BRANDNAME Silicone Bags are tough, reusable, and 100% food-safe, and you can use them to store, cook, and freeze any food or liquid. The Last Food Storage Bag You'll Ever Need Don't waste your cash on flimsy plastic bags that break. These thick silicone bags (reusable and eco-friendly) are as durable as they come. No leaks, no spills, no tears. Withstand boiling, freezing, and microwaving. Hermetically sealed zipped bag keeps food fresh. Large bags store more food Convenience Guaranteed Storing each reusable silicone food bag is easy because they take up hardly any space in the drawer. When filled, the bottoms become flat for easier storage. They even have measurements on the side so you can add the correct quantities, and you can even write on the side using a dry erase marker. To clean the, just put them through the dishwasher and they'll come out like new. Use Your Bags To: - Prepare food in advance - Store leftovers for later - Take snacks to work or school - Cook your food - Marinate meat for dinner They also make a fantastic gift for anyone who loves cooking or who wants to reduce their environmental impact. Your Safety Is Our Priority Our silicone container bags are FDA-approved and 100% food-safe. The bags are made to the highest standards using safe and high-quality materials, and they will not affect the taste of your food. It's Time to Try Food-Grade Silicone If you're fed up with plastic and you're looking for a convenient, long-lasting solution for preparing, cooking, and storing your food, order your BRANDNAME Silicone Bags today.

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