Ommani Space Heater, 1500 Watt 2s Quick Heating Timer Oscillating Heater Fan, Double Protection Ceramic Space Heater Energy Saving Electric Heater

  • 2 SECOND RAPID HEATING: The air will be heated by the PTC ceramic heating element in the space heaters for indoor use. The heater heats in a constant convection in only 2 seconds! There are two heating modes(750W/1500W). This heater provides more hot air while saving more power than other similar products. It will make your winter warmer! Space heaters for office, great for personal use. Please watch our video for details, maybe you will change your mind.
  • OVERHEAT PROTECTION AND FALL PROTECTION FUNCTION: When the internal temperature of the machine rises to 80 degrees, the electric space heater will automatically turn off the power and stop running. If the body is not placed upright or it's tilted, it will stop working. Place the heater on a smooth surface to ensure safety for your children and pets.
  • TIMING AND HEAD SWING FUNCTION: Our new function! You can set the time you want to run the heater(up to three hours) by turning the timer switch clockwise from the "OFF" position. If you push the swing button the head swings repeatedly at a 70 degree wide-angle rotation left and right. Avoid direct contact with the hot air from the heater to prevent skin injuries.
  • ULTRA SILENT DESIGN AND NO ODOR: The heater adopts a curved inlet hole to effectively reduce the drag coefficient so the noise is reduced to 42 decibels for silent operation. Less noise than other heaters on the market. Our heater has no foul odor. It doesn't burn any fuel such as kerosene or gas like some other cheaper products that cause irritation to the respiratory tract.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Our heater has a slim and innovative look and a compact size making it easy to carry and store. Ideal for quick and comfortable warning of offices, smaller warehouses, kitchen and living/bedroom. Note: Not for the purpose of heating space but for body warmth. CE/FCC certified with 18 months warranty and Lifetime Technical Support. Feel free to contact us any time. We usually respond within 24 hours.

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