SuperSeedz Sea Salt Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds Keto Friendly Snack 1 Oz. (Pack of 6)

  • Pack of 6 - 1 Oz Bags Super Seedz are vegan, gluten free, cholesterol fat free shelled pumpkin seeds
  • DIETARY & ALLERGY FRIENDLY: non Gmo and packed with high source protein, zinc & Iron. Peanut Free, tree nut free & milk free
  • 1 SEED, MANY USES: enjoy our naturally flavored seedz in salads, yogurt, as a snack, and more.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: We carefully seasoned SuperSeedz with only natural ingredients.
  • SUPERSEEDZ: We offer a large variety of shelled pumpkin seeds, many package sizes and delicious healthy flavors

SuperSeedz has changed the way you will snack on Pumpkin Seeds forever. Kathie has mastered the art of creating the most Super Seeds with her unique recipe and formula. Why Are SuperSeedz SO SUPER? These organic, non gmo pumpkin seeds come to you, wearing no shells - ready to be eaten. They are flavored using only natural ingredients, unlike other nut & seed brands who spray seeds with artificial flavors. These are uniquely packed with healthy nutrients - ounce for ounce pumpkin seeds have 42% more protein than almonds and 212% more magnesium than peanuts. Super Seeds provide a plant-based food source for iron, protein and zinc. Appropriate iron intake facilitates the growth of healthy cells that keep oxygen flowing and the body energized. Pumpkin Seeds are a protein powerhouse and one of the most complete sources of plant-based protein available. Protein plays a key role in managing weight and building healthy body composition. Packed with zinc - these are a good vegetarian source of zinc, an essential trace mineral your immune system relies on to stay strong. Who knew? Pumpkin seeds actually have shells just like sunflower seeds. However, because the shell is soft, we've been duped into eating them. No wonder everyone throws them away after Halloween. But believe us when we say that just beyond that white outer shell is a delicious (and uber nutritious) snack waiting to be discovered We take the shells off and add delicious, natural seasonings so you can enjoy our seedz in salads, yogurt, as a snack, and more. You're welcome.

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