Equator 2013 24" Combo Washer Dryer White Time Dry

  • 8 Wash cycles: Heavy,Towels, Standard, Quick Wash, Kids, Delicate, Wool
  • Convertible Vented / Ventless: Convert drying mode from Venting to Ventless or vice-versa with the press of a button. ( Vented is 30% Faster drying due to better air flow, compared to ventless machines )
  • Automatic wrinkle guard in dry cycleAfter dry cycle ends, drum turns ½ cycle every 5 minutes rotating clothes so wrinkles do not set in. 60-minute Time Dry
  • Add forgotten items to a load mid-cycle by pressing a button on knob. Program washer to start upto 24 hours in advance for convenience and to take advantage of lower electricity rate timings. $8 Estimated yearly energy cost when used with a natural gas heater ($13 with an electric water heater)
  • 180 degree door swing: Door swings open 180 degrees making unloading of clothes easier and accessible fit for the laundry basket
he Equator Super Combo EZ 4000 is the culmination of over 20 years of research and development. This 2 in 1 washer/dryer combo is the first ever to offer the user the option of choosing between venting or condensing for the dry cycle. Additionally, the machine is only 22 inches deep, making it the slimmest combo available in North America. This means that users can feasibly take the machine anywhere, from a house, to an apartment, to an RV, regardless of the type of dryer connection available! Of course clean laundry is the top priority. The Super Combo features 14 programmed wash and dry functions tailored to all fabric types. That way you can be confident that your towels will come out clean and your delicate's will be safe.

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