Kitchen Utensil Holder - Premium Stainless Steel Utensil Crock - Cooking Tools Organizer Caddy - Best Utensils Holder Crock for Home - Utensils Set Caddy

  • 100% size you need. Utensil holder 6.7 high x 4.3 diameter. Ideal size for your spatulas, spoons, tongs, and more. Caddy holds more than 10 piece kitchen tool set.
  • 100% match with any kitchen design. This stylish utensil crock will spruce up any kitchen and will keep all utensil organized.
  • 100% easy to dry. Caddy has a drain hole at the bottom that helps water dry and avoids mold.
  • 100% dishwasher safe and fingerprint resistant. Organizer crock is made of durable stainless steel material, that could be easily clean in the dishwasher. Fingerprint resistant finishing will set you free from daily wiping down your holder.
  • 100% useful and stylish present. Utensil caddy is mirror finished stainless steel with elegant black top and bottom. It will definitely bring style to any kitchen and will help all cooking tools to be organized.

Keep your kitchen utensil set organized and your kitchen tidy - Mr&Mrs White utensil holder will do that for you.

✔ Stainless steel utensil crock will match any kitchen style.

✔ Mr&Mrs White kitchen utensil holder will add elegance to any countertop.

✔ Utensil caddy will hold more than 10 pcs of your cooking utensil.

✔ Stainless steel holder won`t break like ceramic, plastic or porcelain holder.

✔ You don't have to worry anymore about the storage of your cooking utensils, our kitchen tool caddy will holds all of your gadgets in one place.

✔ You will have a perfect gift in a stylish box that will make happy anyone who receives it.

Check out all the features:

✔ Crock is made of durable stainless steel material.

✔ Holder is free from fingerprints.

✔ Holder has a drain hole at the bottom that helps water dry and avoids mold if you put wet utensil there.

✔ Holder is dishwasher safe.

✔ Mr&Mrs White utensil holder is perfect for any size kitchen utensil.

✔ Mr&Mrs White utensil holder is a wonderful present.

We love to bring your kitchen a new look!

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