24 inch 60 Can-21 Bottle Built in Dual Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler, Wine Shelf and Adjustable Glass Shelf, Temp Memory Function, Door-Left-Open Alarm&High Temp Alarm

  • ◉ EASY SLIDE-OUT SHELVES: Each shelf slides in and out effortlessly for an easy reach to your wine or beverage collection.
  • ◉ DESIGN FOR LARGER WINE BOTTLES: Our premium wine cooler is designed by professional wine collectors and enthusiasts. The right shelves are measured to cradle standard-size bottles, while the bottom storage area provides plenty of additional room for oversized bottles.
  • ◉ ADJUSTABLE GLASS SHELVES FOR LARGER BEVERAGE: The adjustable glass shelves are designed to accommodate wine or beverage of difference sizes.
  • ◉ SMART TEMPERATURE MEMORY WITH DOOR-LEFT-OPEN AND HIGH-TEMPERATURE ALARM: Smart memory function restores the cooler to its prior temperature setting after power restart, protecting your wine collection from heat damage. The door alarm notifies you in the event of door-left-open or rising temperature.
  • ◉ EMBEDDED CARBON FILTER: Wine enthusiasts know that frequently opening and closing the cooler door can introduce unwanted odors that interfere with wine preservation. Our specially designed embedded carbon filter purifies the air inside the cooler, allowing you to enjoy your wine while maintaining ideal conditions for your reserves.
The TITAN 60 Cans-21 Bottles seamless stainless steel dual zone wine and Beverage cooler provides luxury, style and functionality. Featuring a high-end seamless stainless steel-trimmed door and handle, this elegant unit fits perfectly under standard 24-inch counters. Its advanced cooling system, controlled by a sleep touch panel, keeps your precious wine collection chilled to your desired temperature. Two (2) individually controlled temperature zones make our cooler ideal for storing both red, white Wines or beverage. Six (6) slide out shelves with stainless steel trim provide easy access to your entire wine collection. Three(3) adjustable glass shelves with silver trim provide easy access to your entire beverage collection. The unique and energy efficient interior LED lighting affords a stylish finishing touch that is sure to impress your guests.

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