Old Cooking Stone Set Grill Lava Hot Black Steak Rock Sizzling Stones and Bamboo Plate and Heat Resistant Gloves Set

  • Natural lava granite cooking rock stone.The surface of stone is non stick.Enjoy cooking steak and vegetables on a rock.
  • It is very easy to use. Heat the lava stone in your oven or grill,then remove the stone out and start cooking. There is a pair of heatresistance gloves in each package as gift, use the gloves when revome the hot stone out.
  • 100% food grade black lava stone.Very easy to clean. Please clean it with water. Dishwasher is not available.The stone must be fully cooled before cleaning to avoid thermal expansion and contraction.
  • Stainless steel tray between stone and bamboo platter to avoid hot stone damage the bamboo plate.
  • There is water sink on the stone to prevent water and broth flowing out.
Size of stone: 11.6 inch length x 7.67 inch width x 1 inch thickness.

Weight of stone:4.40 kg.

Size of bamboo plate: 14.15 inch length x 9.45 inch width.

Package included:

Bamboo platter x 1pc

Stainless steel tray x 1pc

Lava stone x 1pc

Heat resistant gloves x 2 pcs.

Using Instruction:

1. Preheat your oven to 450°F/230°C and put the stone in for 40-45 minutes (do not put the bamboo platter in the oven)

2. You can use your gas stovetop or electric hob/hot plate on the highest setting for 40-45 minutes too.

3. Remove the hot stone out with the heat resistant gloves, then carefully place a teaspoon of water on the stone and if the water will sizzle and evaporate in 10 seconds, it means the stone is fully heated.

4. Using oven gloves, transfer the hot steak stone to the metal tray, which sits flush in the wooden board.

5. Place your steak, fish or vegetables on the stone and cook for as long as you desire.

6. If you are using the stone for cold dishes, simply place in the freezer for 4 hours or overnight.


1.It is better to soak the stone for 72 hours in high concentration brine before first using.this could help the stone more resilient and not easy to crack. Please make sure the stone is 100% dry before using.

2.You could drying stone in the oven at low temperature after each washing to allow sufficient evaporation of water.

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