Hcooker 3 Tier Kitchen Bamboo Steamer with Double Stainless Steel Banding for Asian Cooking Buns Dumplings Vegetables Fish Rice

  • Present three cotton reusable liners! Bamboo steamer for cooking buns, meats, vegetables, rice and fish or reheating foods, like dim sum
  • Healthy cooking: made from natural bamboo, steaming allows your food to retain more of their nutrients making them taste better and better for you. Also helps you to avoid the fats found olive, vegetable or canola oils
  • Tight-fitting lid traps steam for quick and efficient cooking while sealing in food's nutrients
  • Stackable baskets: 2 or 3 tiered steamer allows multiple items to be steamed at one time
  • Type of stainless steel edge: reinforced with double stainless steel bands, help to trap in moisture better and make it extra sturdy and durable
Steaming is an important and widely used cooking technique in the Asian kitchen. Most kitchens in Asia do not have ovens, therefore baking or roasting are not commonly used cooking techniques. Instead, dumplings, breads, cakes, and other desserts are steamed. There are also wonderful soups and meat dishes and superb fish and seafood specialties that are cooked to perfection in the gentle, moist heat of a steamer. Steaming is also a perfect way to refresh stale bread and reheat leftovers. Steaming has gained popularity in the Western kitchen for its convenience, simplicity, health benefits and energy savings. Steaming envelopes the food in a hot, moist environment so it won't dry out. And unlike boiling, natural juices, minerals and vitamins as well as color in foods are retained and not drained out in the sink. Steaming is also a very low fat way to cook because you need very little or no oils. Food should not be placed directly in the bamboo steamer without a plate (if the food is marinated, such as fish and meat) or parchment liner (if food is dry, such as buns and dumplings) and allow at least 1- inch space between the sides of the plate and the sides of the steamer.

This steamer from Hcooker's Asian Kitchen line is crafted of natural bamboo.

Cleaning and Maintenance

About the smell: natural cedar has the original fragrance of the wood, if you mind, you can put the tea in the cage and steam for a few minutes to reduce the smell.

Before use: wash with water and then dry it in the vents.

After use: the grease must be cleaned. The food residue must be cleaned during cleaning, otherwise it will easily lead to mold. Not often used or not used for a long time, boiled with boiling water for a while and then dried in the vent.

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