Lisol's Mind Cooking Tool to Add Safe Iron to Food, 2 Pack Iron Fish - A Natural Source of Iron, An Iron Supplement Alternative, Suitable For Vegans, Athletes, Pregnant Women

  • Material: Iron. Size: 3.1" x 1.57".
  • This cooking tool is snapper shape, made of natural bioavailable iron, a cost-effective and simple cooking tool that makes iron water and naturally infuses your meals with a mild dose of iron. When you cooking and use this tool, it will release safe and certain amount of iron. This iron cooking tool is a natural iron supplement, reduce the risk of iron deficiency, suitable for everyone, especially suit for menstruating women, vegetarians, pregnant women,blood donors and anemia people.
  • Easy to use, the rope buckle is designed for easy removal and hanging, after many carefully formulated and tests prove that this cooking tool can add a certain amount of gentle and portion of daily iron requirement to food or liquid, when you are cooking, such as stew soup, tea, curry, pasta sauce or pasta soup, or whatever you like drinks, just add this cooking tool to receive a fraction of the daily iron intake required, improves iron levels in the body.
  • Tips: Rusting is harmless and can be cleaned. When you finish use this tool, please take it out and wash it, dry it, cool it, put it in a plastic bag,then put it in the refrigerator. When it is used again, please put it in the water first, and please wait it is restored to normal temperature first, then use. Can effectively reduce the probability of rust.
  • This iron snapper design is cute, and add healthy and natural iron to your diet through diet way, which is economical and effective.
How to use:

Just placed it in boiling water or soup, it can be supplemented with iron. You can also add this cooking tool when you are making curry or other liquid foods.

If we boil water, just put it directly, or anything we need to pay attention?

Please put it in a pot of boiling 1/4 gallon of water for 10 minutes(not more than 10 minutes~), then add a few drops of acidity (such as vinegar or orange juice) to receive a portion of your daily required iron intake is 6 to 8 mg.

Why do people need iron?

Iron is an essential nutrient that helps blood carry oxygen throughout the body. Symptoms of iron deficiency include feeling weak and constantly tired, always feel dizzy, headache, always want to vomiting and so on, and this iron fish is a cost-effective cooking tool that is an alternative to expensive iron supplements. makes iron water and naturally infuses your meals with a gentle dose of iron, and adding iron to your diet helps prevent iron deficiency and anemia, such as adding this iron fish to soups, stews, teas or sauces to get more natural and safe doses of iron.

This iron fish is an iron cooking tool, so how to maintain this iron fish?

This fish is made of iron,the rust is normal situation, it also proves that our iron fish is made of natural iron

If the iron fish is rusted, just please scrub with lemon juice to remove the rust.

And it will cause the container to rust after use, so when you use the iron fish after and think you don't need it at that time, please take it out in time.

If I add this tool while cooking, will it change the taste of the food?

This tool does not change the color, smell and taste of the cooking food.

Kindly Notice:

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Iron taken in excess can be harmful to both adults and children.

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