Professional Kitchen Torch, Cooking Torch Lighter, Culinary Blow Torch for Baking & BBQ & Desserts & Cocktail, Automatic Ignition Butane Powered Pro-torch, Butane Gas Not Included and Adjustable Flame

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY:Made of Aluminum Alloy shell covered with ABS plastic handle and high-temperature resistant muzzle, heat resistance up to 446⁰F / 230⁰C.
  • SAFETY DESIGN: The kitchen torch has security lock to prevent against improper operation and eliminates the risk of accidental ignition. And not including butane gas during the transportation(Keep out of reach of children).
  • FLAME ADJUSTABLE: This cooking torch flame is adjustable according to the need and flame size is relatively stable. Simple trigger-style ignition allows for using at any angle, flame temperature up to 1371 °C/2500 °F .
  • VERSATILE USE: The automatic ignition butane powered pro-torch will be used in the kitchen, home and restaurants. Perfect for glazing a baked ham, searing a steak, roasting bell peppers, cocktail, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs. Also useful for lighting fireplace, candles or cigars and much more.
  • EASY to USE: Filling the gas into the culinary torch bottle, then just turn ignition button to open and press the button to ignite. This butane torch is so small and lightweight so it is easy to hold. The air box of the torch can be repeated inflatable for long time lasting use.

Product information:

Size : 4.7 x 6.2 x 2.4"

Material : Made of Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel and ABS plastic

Frame Temperature: Up to 1371 °C/2500 °F


The flame can be adjusted according to your needs.

Durable & Long Lasting , Good for Thousands of Uses, Reusable up to many years.

Universal Application:

For lighting up the cigar, roasting teeth mold, barbecue, baking food.

For process and welding, repairing the household appliance and more.


Firstly, turn the torch upside down.

Secondly, insert the Butane Gas Refill bottle vertically to the blow torch bottom, wait for 6 secs once and then pull out, 3 times operation will fully refill blow torch.

Thirdly, wait for minutes before ignite the fire.

Warning: When filling the gas, if there is gasleakage from the inlet, it means that the gas cylinder is full, continue will cause over pressure, don't continue filling.

How to use?

1, Turn ignition button to open and press the button to ignite.

2, Push ignition button forward and turn it to remain flame.

3, To adjust height of flame, turn gas regulator lever to (+) or (-).

4, If not use, turn ignition button to close to facilitate carrying.


1. Playing by children is prohibited for pressurized and inflammable gas inside.

2. Keppy away from the faces of others and yourselves and inflammable articles when using it.

3. Do not continuously burn over 5 minutes.

4. Do not touch the nozzle and mental pipe while using.

5. Keep it well and avoid direct sunshine for long term or placing at the place over 50-celsius degrees.

6. Use acceptable butane gas, otherwise, it is possible to break the lighter or shorten the service life.

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