Mini Dish Washer USB Dish Washer Portable Dish Machine-150x150x65mm

  • 【High-pressure waves】Strong upper and lower high-pressure water guns spray water on the dishes at intervals, accelerating and water flow directly or indirectly emulsification and stripping of liquids and stains.
  • 【Seismic wave】High-shock wave, high-frequency vibration causes liquid cavitation, acceleration and water flow directly or indirectly emulsification and stripping of liquid and stain.
  • 【Four-stage cycle cleaning】High-frequency vibration cavitation and high-pressure waves are strong, accelerating the dispersion and emulsification and peeling of liquids and stains to achieve the purpose of cleaning.
  • 【Portable】This product is small and easy to carry, and it feels very easy to use.
  • 【Oxidized bubbles】High-pressure water sprays in the air, thousands of bubbles burst in the water, producing oxidized bubbles, accelerating the separation of dishes.

Product Name: Ultrasonic MINI Dishwasher
Model: WV-381
Case material: ABS
Power mode: USB
Capacity: 2000mL
Note: The sealing port is not sealed with the waterproof silicone block. The short circuit caused by the short circuit of the water will cause safety hazard. Please pay attention to the sealing when using.
Input voltage: 5V
Voltage input: DC 5V
Current input: 1A-2A
Power supply: Li-ion 18650
Voltage output: DC 3V-8V
Power output: 12W
Ultrasonic working time: 10 seconds
High pressure pump working time: 20 seconds
Total working hours: 10 minutes
Tips: This equipment is limited to the small dishwasher of a three-person house, not for commercial use.
Product size: Approx.150x150x65mm
Color box size: Approx.160x160x72mm
Product gross weight: Approx.480g
Product net weight: Approx.350g
Color: White  

Accessories USB cable*1
Double-sided suction cup*1
Instruction manual*1

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