HAPPY DOG is a high-quality animal feed produced in Germany. For a dog to be healthy and viable, each food is based on unique animal feed formulas, based on different recipes, using only natural ingredients, and taking into account the recommendations of the company's veterinarians. HAPPY DOG Natural Life Concept - Combine the most important components and ensure that your dog's body will have everything it takes to have a healthy life: from a strong immune system to a healthy coat. Happy Dog Tuscany is a balanced balanced dry diet for active adult dogs. The food is prepared according to a special recipe - the light Mediterranean cuisine blends well with carefully selected herbs. Due to the low fat content, the food is ideal for low-activity dogs. Due to its low fat content (only 7.5%) it is great for little moving and castrated dogs. Balanced and very healthy. Easily digestible. Can be used as a dietary supplement. Contains useful duck, salmon and egg proteins. Carbohydrates: corn, rice. Added herbs that contain plenty of important oils. Does not contain soy, artificial coloring agents, flavor enhancers, preservatives or genetically modified foods. An excellent balance of proteins and fats helps prevent inappropriate lifestyle diseases. Created by veterinarians. Suitable for adults of all breeds of little moving dogs.

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