SMARTRO ST55 Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer for Oven Grill Kitchen Food Cooking Smoker BBQ with 3 Probes

  • SMART MEAT THERMOMETER: Wireless remote bluetooth digital thermometer with advanced technology provides a powerful and reliable connection to your phone. The free App includes a temperature display, alarm and countdown functions. The history of time and temperature will show on your device. Deep fry meat thermometer is linked to the free APP that is compatible with IOS and Android. Feel free to watch TV or chat with your friends as you can get instant notification with your phone or thermometer
  • UP TO 3 LONG PROBES: This bluetooth digital bbq meat thermometer with 3 probes makes it easy to monitor exact temperatures of three different foods simultaneously without staring at the cooking bluetooth thermometer or using different devices! This turkey oil thermometer deep fry has high heat resistance 100% stainless steel probes perfect for grilling and smoking which allows the temperature up to 572℉.
  • WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE:Food oil thermometer deep fry has a temperature range from -22℉ to 572℉.With 3 different color-marked probes,get instant readings on different types of foods simultaneously. We do not recommend that using this leave-in-probe for high heating grilling, because flare-ups can exceed 1,000°F which can damage probe. If still use it, separate probe and cable from flare-ups, grill lids, grill grates or other hot spots with high temperature over 572°F.
  • PRESET TEMPERATURE AND TIMER: SMARTRO bluetooth food thermometer has preset temperature and 4 doneness levels for 8 kinds of food recommended by USDA. 8 kinds of meat types: beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, fish. 4 doneness levels: well done, medium, medium rare, rare. All temperatures and timer can be reset to your tastes. When temperature and time is up, turkey deep fry thermometer and your phone will alarm. Can also customize the temperatures and timer to suit your taste.
  • EASY TO READ AND OPERATE: The large digital wireless instant read thermometer LED displays food/grill/smoker temps with backlight which allows the temperature to be read faster and more accurately with both fahrenheit and celsius even at night. A quick press of the button and the LED display will light all the time which makes a barbecue or a picnic easier and more convenient at night. Touchscreen buttons allow you to use the oven thermometer easily with the slightest touch of your finger.

A perfectly cooked meal requires a precise temperature reading. The SMARTRO smoker thermometer is a 3 probes digital wireless bluetooth meat and food

thermometer that allows you to monitor three different foods temperatures for perfect cooking simultaneously. Set the type of food and your desired level

of cooking temperature, and then feel free to enjoy the rest of time. Your smartphone will alarm once the food is ready. This wireless bluetooth kitchen

thermometer can free you from kitchen, BBQ, grill or smoker to enjoy party and relax. The turkey thermometer oven safe for smoker and kitchen is the

perfect choice for cooking. The turkey fryer thermometer with free app allows you to monitor your food through your smartphone or tablet which can free

you from your kitchen. Feel free to chat with friends, do chores or watch TV without having to physically check on your food temperature!  The digital grill thermometer

with backlight and large LED display can be used for grilling day or at night. Grill your delicious food while enjoy your precious time with your family. Digital

bluetooth cooking thermometer for smoker allows you to enjoy your extra time with your friends. Monitor up to 3 different foods cooking simultaneously

on your smartphone or tablet while you prepare other parts of the meal or chat with guests while waiting for the alarms. How wonderful it is!

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