Binory Children Smart Watch Anti Lost Child GPS Tracker SOS Positioning Tracking Smart Phone GPS Watch,Bluetooth Touch Screen Smartwatch,Multi-Function Smart Wrist Watch Phone,Gift for Kids(Pink)

  • The latest operating touch screen, photographic support. Family numbers must be set up to get through and receive information.
  • Rejecting strange calls and information, prevent children from being harassed.
  • They do not hurt the eye display, high-definition digital display. Even if the cell phone is not used properly, it is also a fashion electronic watch.
  • Apple iPhone4 special type SIM card, children will not change cards. The method of using the positioning function: the GPRS open phone card.
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Color: blue, pink

Size: 45 * 32 * 13 mm

Upgrade the battery: rise to 250 horses, long standby for 3 days;

Positioning and updating: The positioning of the base station is more precise, with a conventional error of less than 50 meters.

Strap upgrade: Food grade silicone is more convenient and safer.

Hardware upgrade: USB interface, upgrade slot;

Monitoring and updating: remote monitoring under black screen conditions

GSM band: GSM at 800/900/1800/1900 MHz

Working temperature: -20 degrees to 70 degrees

Working humidity: 20% to 80%

Support for IOS6.0 and Android mobile phone system 4.3.

GPRS + base station dual positioning mode

Real-time monitoring: monitoring GPRS positioning

Two types of L-mode chat with mobile phones

Electronic fence, security setting area

Step meter exercise, consume heat

Alarm watch disassembly, low alarm

Hardware parameter main chip: MTK6261D;

Display: 1.44 inch color screen

Resolution: 128*128 pixel

Touch screen: capacitive touch screen

Camera: 8 megapixel camera

Charging mode: Micro USB interface, 5V input

Battery: 400mAh large capacity lithium cobalt oxide battery;

Normal use :> 3 days;

Core selling point

1. Select the most stable three-base Tongchuang motherboard, stable background, less after-sales.

2. IP67 grade waterproof, water can be soaked for more than half an hour.

3. Two-color silicone strap

4.400mAh pure lithium cobalt oxide battery, long standby time.

5. Private model products, uniquely designed in pencil case packaging.

6. Call reminder, ringtone, entertainment, fast learning game, clock display, analog dial and digital dial, take pictures, use your own camera to shoot wonderful moments, remote camera APP control watch camera photo

7. Call any number, answer the phone that the guardian allows to answer, voice chat, and voice chat with the guardian in the APP set friends and relatives through data traffic.

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