HOME-X Ice Cube Maker with Easy Refill Holder Tray, Home Bar Accessories for Freezer

  • CONVENIENT FREEZER ICE BIN: This reusable ice cube tray has everything you need for making, storing, and serving ice. In addition to the clear ice tray, it includes a blue lid with a flip-up section for easy filling. This lid helps prevent spills and speeds up the refill process. Now, you'll be able to make and store ice in your freezer with one simple home product.
  • STURDY PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION: This ice-making kit is made with sturdy, freezer-safe plastic so you know it's dependable. Simply open the ice tray container, pop out the desired amount of ice, and enjoy your cold drink. This ice tray truly contains every tool you could need when making and using ice cubes.
  • MAKES LARGE ICE CUBES: The ice tray included in this set makes big, square, old-fashioned ice cubes perfect for keeping beverages cold. Whether you like using these ice cubes for keeping your water cold or you use them for ice packs, you'll always have a supply on hand with this wonderful ice-making set.
  • EASY-TO-USE MOLD: If you're looking to try a new ice tray, this covered model is perfect for home use. Fill it with water and freeze! When the ice is done freezing, just empty the tray and you'll have plenty of ice for entertaining or personal use. The lid prevents the ice from contamination, keeping it fresh and clean tasting.
  • GREAT FOR COCKTAILS & SOFT DRINKS: Use these ice cubes to cool all your favorite drinks. Whether you want to use ice for your alcohol or soft drinks, this set is a great bartending investment. Use it for whiskey, gin, vodka, soda, or juice. This ice-making set is the best way to enjoy iced beverages when your freezer doesn't have a built-in ice maker. Try it today!

This ice-making set includes everything necessary to freeze, store, and serve high-quality ice cubes. It includes an ice cube tray and a plastic lid with a convenient flip top that allows you to fill the tray under the tap without spilling water everywhere. To save space, you can even stack the ice tray on top of other items in your freezer without worrying about spills. It’s a compact, convenient, multipurpose tool that’s great for anyone trying to save space in the kitchen. The lid is perfect for keeping your ice tasting fresh and free from residual flavors from your freezer. It’s great to have around if you enjoy cold drinks or at-home bartending. This set is also helpful for making ice packs if you need a cold compress. The tray makes large, square ice cubes that are perfect for alcoholic beverages, including cocktails, whiskey, vodka, gin, or bourbon. If you have an at-home bar, this ice tray is a must-have! You can even keep it in a mini fridge to always have ice ready for guests. You’re always ready to party with this fun and convenient ice tray. This tray makes a nice gift for anybody who likes their drinks nice and cold. It’s especially useful for people who live in small apartments, college dorms, or anywhere with a small kitchen with limited freezer space. If your refrigerator system doesn’t include an ice maker, this ice-making set makes it easy to have constant access to fresh, clear ice whenever you need it. Purchase this fun and easy-to-use plastic ice tray today!

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