Stainless Steel Basin, Small 304 Stainless Steel, Cooking Bowl, Multi-purpose Sink And Basin Bowl, Silver (Color : Silver, Size : A3)

  • 1. Slip does not hurt the hand, wide-side anti-scalding, easy to take, can directly contact the food of stainless steel
  • 2. High quality stainless steel material, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, high temperature resistant and durable.
  • 3. The design of the food edge is convenient, does not hurt the hand, is not easy to slip, and is convenient to use.
  • 4. The surface is smooth and free of debris, no paint, and durable.
  • 5. Its use is greater than your imagination, washing vegetables, scouring rice, putting fruit, it can do it.
Product name; stainless steel soup bowl
Material: Stainless steel
Category: Basin sieve
Size; diameter 18cm, height 8cm, bottom width 11cm, weight 225.2g
20cm in diameter, 9cm in height, 13cm in bottom, weight 255.3g
Diameter: 22cm Height: 9.5cm, bottom width: 15cm, weight: 271.7g
Diameter: 28cm Height: 10cm, bottom width: 16cm, weight: 320.1g

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