COOLBOT Gen6 2015-2019 (Blue)


Purchased by over 50,000 people, the CoolBot lets you instantly turn any well-insulated room into a walk-in cooler for up to 83% less than traditional cold storage.

Build your own walk-in cooler in minutes

With a CoolBot and a window air conditioner, you can turn a well-insulated room into a walk-in cooler in just a few minutes. The CoolBot is perfect for hunters, florists, brewers, restaurants, dairies, mortuaries, and much more.

Save $1,000s on refrigeration equipment and operating costs

Together, a CoolBot and a standard A/C unit costs up to 83% less than a traditional walk-in cooler. They also use about 40% less electricity, which saves thousands on energy costs.

Get the cooler you want or get your money back

Guaranteed to work with 1-year full warranty. 45-day risk-free trial -- get a full refund if the CoolBot does not work as expected

How it works

The CoolBot drops the temperature of a well-insulated room to as low as 34ºF without freezing up the air conditioner fins. It's truly DIY -- you can set it up in 2 to 3 minutes, with no tools or electrical knowledge required.

What you need

All you need to create a DIY walk-in cooler is a well-insulated room, a CoolBot, and a standard window or mini-split air conditioner. The CoolBot works with several major brands of air conditioners. Visit our website to learn more.

Application information

CoolBots are best suited for fully enclosed rooms with at least R25 insulation (~4" of rigid foam) where the door is opened fewer than 6 times per hour. If the insulation is less than 4" or the door is opened more than 6 times per hour, the temperature will be in the low 40s.

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