Kenrtuers PTC Compressor Starter Relay for Refrigerator Freezer Dehumidifier P6R8MC

  • ✪ Material: ABS&Metal; Dimensions: 2.9x2.8x2.3cm/1.14x1.1x0.91inch; Color: Black; Quantity: 1 Pc.
  • ✪ The device protects the circuit from excessive current surges and high temperatures.
  • ✪ When used, it is connected in series in the circuit. Under normal conditions, its resistance is small and the loss is small, which does not affect the normal operation of the circuit.
  • ✪ If an overcurrent (such as a short circuit) occurs, its temperature rises; The resistance value increases sharply and reaches the limit current to avoid damaging the components in the circuit.
  • ✪ When the fault is removed, the temperature of the PTC device automatically drops and returns to the low resistance state.
100% brand new and high quality
Material: ABS&Metal
Dimensions: 2.9x2.8x2.3cm/1.14x1.1x0.91inch
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Pc

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