iRobot Roomba s9 (9150) Robot Vacuum Bundle - Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Powerful Suction, Works w/Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors (+1 Extra Edge-Sweeping Brush, 1 Extra Filter)

  • Superior 3- stage cleaning system. Delivers up to 40x the suction* for our deepest clean yet. Automatically increases suction to clean deep into carpets. *(Compared to Roomba 600 Series)
  • PerfectEdge Technology with advanced sensors, and a specially designed Corner Brush optimizes cleaning deep into corners and along edges.
  • 30% wider* Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes adjust and flex to help thoroughly and effectively clean carpets and hard floors. *(Compared to Roomba 600 Series)
  • Imprint Smart Mapping enables the robot to learn, map and adapt to your home, allowing you to control which rooms are cleaned and when. Advanced sensors constantly scan ahead at a rate of 25 times per second to detect obstacles in the cleaning path.
  • Box Content: 1 Roomba s9 Robot Vacuum, 1 North American Line Cord, 1 Charging Stand, 2 Extra High-Efficiency Filters, 2 Extra Side Brushes
The Roomba s9 Features a Superior 3-Stage Cleaning System which, when Compared to the older Roomba 600 Series, uses 30% Wider Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes and upto 40X the suction to pull in embedded dirt, debris, and pet hair from wherever it hides. Power Boost Technology also automatically increases suction to clean deep into carpets and corners, giving you the best suction to clean your house with. PerfectEdge Technology with advanced sensors, and the specially designed Corner Brush with five arms to grab dirt and debris from deep in corners and along walls, directing it into the robot's path to be vacuumed up. The molded, soft-touch bumper cushions the contact between Roomba and furniture, walls and other objects while accurately discerning soft barriers from solid barriers, allowing Roomba to go under curtains, bed skirts and couch skirts. The s9 easily moves and cleans around obstacles, under and around couches, and along walls ensuring a thorough cleaning. On First Use, the s9 uses it's full range of sensors to map out your floor and the world around it. Roomba then uploads the information collected by its sensors to the iRobot HOME app to allow you to properly name each room. You can merge, split and label rooms as you see fit. After that, you can schedule the Roomba s9 to clean certain rooms at certain times, or have the robot clean an entire level of your home. You can then direct the Roomba s9 to where you want it to clean by voice commands using Alexa-enabled devices or the Google Assistant. As an added bonus, the iRobot s9 will automatically orient the vacuuming pattern to match the orientation of the room. So you come home everyday to the perfect vacuumed lines in your carpet!

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