Zerama 100pcs Disposable Apron Clear Bib Transparent Waterproof Anti Dust Plastic Cooking Painting Sleeveless Supplies

  • This is a disposable apron. It is soft, comfortable, heat-resistant and odorless. You can use it safely
  • Suitable for kitchen, barbecue, steakhouse, hot pot city and other places, with anti-oil, anti-fouling, waterproof and other functions
  • Simple design and clear color make this apron more practical, waterproof and anti-fouling, good effect
  • This transparent apron is very useful, especially when you eat hot pot or barbecue, to prevent grease stains on your clothes
  • The apron adopts the environmental protection material of PO film, has good ductility, is not easy to break, and is used for a long time
The lightweight design gives you a more comfortable experience with the apron. You don't feel it, but it does protect you.
Each apron has its own packaging, easy to carry in pockets or wallets, easy to carry.
Made of PO film, waterproof, oil-proof and other good performance, enough to last all day.
The apron was ingeniously designed with a hanging neck and an adjustable belt.
Aprons are widely used in cooking, drinking, painting, washing dishes and so on.

Color: clear.
Material: PO film.
Size: 60x95cm.

Package Included:
100 x clear disposable aprons.

Package Including


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