CXLO Garbage Disposals Food Waste Disposer with Power Cord 2800 RPM Continuous Feed Super Quiet&Easy to Install. 560W/50HZ

  • Three-point bayonet link - triangular stability principle, very reliable
  • Air switch - non-contact control, controlled by air pressure transmission control, safe and reliable
  • Avant-garde design - built-in dishwasher interface
  • Intelligent overload protection system - overload protection, reset restart
  • Intimate design - sink overflow interface
Name: Kitchen Waste Processor
Color: azul del tiempo \ rojo encantador \ café clásico
Size: 20*32cm
Size: 20*32cm
Power: 560W
Speed: 2800 rpm
Frequency: 50HZ
Capacity: 1300ML
Installation system: three-point bayonet
Grinding system: alloy bladeless grinding
Body material: industrial plastic
Weight: 5.5KG
Sewer pipe: contains
1. Round drop, single and double slots are available
2. Standard caliber inner diameter 90mm, outer diameter 114mm
3. Air switch button opening size 25-28mm
4. Common can not grind garbage: shells, hot oil, hair, paper boxes, plastic bags, screws
Maintenance precautions
Use cold water throughout the process to avoid hot oil introduction, protect the kitchen sewer; encourage mixed grinding; often grind vegetables and skins to keep the sink fresh; regularly grind a small amount of hardware, such as small bones, pits and ice, to wash the grinding room .

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