ZXWNB Automatic Garbage Disposer, Household Kitchen Sink Shredder Garbage Processor

  • High speed motor: 1/2 HP, 2600 RPM permanent magnet motor has less blockage. Dishwasher connection
  • Easy to install and clean: mounts provide quick and easy installation of the kitchen sink, removable splash guard for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight: Small and lightweight garbage processor saves space under the sink
  • Continuous feed treatment: activated by wall switch, which can quickly grind food waste during processing. Grinding
  • Note from the manufacturer: Customers may receive products with original logos or updated logos and packaging.
Countertop air switch, easy to operate and more convenient
Installed on the countertop sink is not damaged / placed in the cabinet to prevent children from pressing the wrong / peace of mind waterproof hand can also be operated
The sink dishwasher is well matched / the dishwasher and sink interface are reserved, and the kitchen waste can be cleaned.
Installation precautions: Note: the inner diameter of the sink installation port <90MM does not meet the installation requirements.
:The inner diameter of the sink installation port>90MM needs to purchase the reducer by yourself.
Reducer: No need for /140(1)/160(2)/180(2)
Inner diameter: 90 /120/140/150
Outer diameter: 110/140/160/180
Note: (1) 140MM reducer (2) 160MM reducer (3) 180MM reducer
This parameter is only applicable to round hole sinks, such as square sinks do not meet the installation.
Name: Garbage mincing processor
Mode of operation: air switch
Color: Champagne Gold
Motor type: DC motor
1 for voltage: 220VAC-50Hz
Grinding level: particles 15-3mm
Interface R inch: 90mm
Product net weight: 5kg
Power: 550W high power
Applicable garbage: kitchen waste
Note: If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us by email. We will reply within 24 hours

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