Kitchen Waste Disposer - Food Crushing Machine, Silent Automatic, Anti-Blocking Under The Sink Channel

  • Air switch: safety built-in air switch, high-quality built-in pneumatic safety switch, non-contact control, safer and more convenient
  • The dishwasher can be connected: the sink dishwasher is well matched, the dishwasher and sink interface is reserved, the kitchen waste can be cleaned, and the residue is directly discharged into the garbage disposer after washing the dishwasher
  • Ultra-quiet design: The noise level of the garbage processor is less than 50 decibels, which is quieter than similar processors. You won't be noisy when cooking or dining
  • Fine grinding system: use the hammer/cut/tear/grinding action to grind food waste into fine particles, with turbocharged strong discharge, accelerate garbage discharge and ensure the sewer is smooth
  • Multiple safety design: Our food processing adopts the bladeless design, is not easy to wear, no need to replace, non-slip safety pin, can prevent the card and machine from slipping during use
Product Name: Household food waste food processor
Mode of operation: air switch
Working voltage: 220VAC~50Hz
Motor type: DC motor
Interface size: 90mm
Grinding level: particles 1.5-3mm
Power: 550W high power
Common unmanageable garbage: shellfish, hot oil, hair, carton, plastic, non-food
1. Rinse with cold water, often grind citrus fruit skin to keep the water fresh
2. Regularly grind hard objects such as bones and cores to help protect the machine from cleanliness.
3. Avoid grinding non-food waste such as glass, metal, cloth, strong corrosive chemicals, etc.
4. Regularly inject neutral detergent to soak and clean, and operate more freely
If the diameter of the water inlet meets the national standard size (inner diameter 90mm, outer diameter 110mm), there is no need to install the reducer; if the inner diameter is less than 90mm, it will not meet the installation requirements; if the inner diameter is larger than 90mm, you need to purchase the reducer separately.
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