VICARKO Gallon Vacuum Zipper Bags, Vacuum Sealer Bags, Sous Vide Bags, for Food Storage, Freezer Storage, Sous Vide Cooking, Reusable, Double-layer, BAP Free | 13.4" * 10.2", 50-Pack, Large

  • 50 PCS Gallon-SIZE VACUUM SLEAER ZIPPER BAGS - Size: 13.4 * 10.2 inch; Material: BPA-free and non-toxic, great for sous vide cooking, food and non-food storage.
  • WORK WITH MOST VACUUM SEALER MACHINE - The VICARKO Vacuum Sealer Bags are compatible with most handheld vacuum sealer machines. Reinforced double zipper to maximize air removal and ensure an airtight seal. Constructed of strong, multi-layer material to block moisture and oxygen efficiently.
  • MULTIPLE USE - Use VICARKO Vacuum Sealer Bags when buying in bulk or on sale and storing the extra for later; an ideal freezer bag portioning out meals throughout the week; a perfect sandwich bags for picnics, hiking and camping hunting and fishing; a sous vide bag for sous vide cooking; pantry storage; leftovers storage; and more!
  • VACUUM SEALER BAGS FOR KEEPING FOOD FRESH & RETAINING FLAVOR LONGER - VICARKO Vacuum Sealer Bags lock nutrients in and help food fresh up to 5X longer. Slow down food spoilage and keep food tasty and delicious. No more soggy, gritty, wilting fruit and vegetables. Always keep meats juicy and flavorful!
  • REUSABLE AND HIGH-QUALITY VACUUM SEALER BAGS - Constructed of excellent-quality and multi-layered BPA-FREE non-toxic material to creates an airtight barrier around food, blocking moisture and oxygen to extend freshness and locking flavors. The unique design allows complete air removal. Reusable and resealable vacuum sealer bags for frequently used food items.


VICARKO Vacuum Sealer Zipper Bags allow you to vacuum seal, open, use, zip back up, and store for maximum freshness, flavor, and safety! The vacuum sealing technology keeps stored food fresh up to five times longer than average

Enjoy fresh and delicious food with VICARKO Vacuum Sealing Bags!



  1. Reclosable double zipper, air valve for convenient air removal with a handheld vacuum sealer pump
  2. Can be used with most brand handheld vacuum sealer pump
  3. Made from FDA listed food safe materials; BPA Free, non-toxic plastic
  4. Can be frozen, refrigerated, microwaved, heated and will withstand high temperature tolerance
  5. Great for sous vide cooking, food and non-food storage
  6. Increase storage time and nutritional value. Has 5 to 6 times longer freezer storage time, locking in freshness, flavor and nutritional value with no freezer burn

How to Use

  1. Fill the vacuum sealer bag, lay flat with blue circle facing upwards. Squeeze air out and zip completely.
  2. Press handheld vacuum sealer over the air valve on bag and press the ON/OFF button to start vacuuming.


  1. Items in the bags should not exceed the warning line.
  2. Please ensure the air valve clings tightly after vacuum seal to avoid air leak.

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