Earthen cooking utensils- clay cooking pots- Manchatti/Meenchatti-handi,matka with handles large

  • mitti-clay
Each cooking utensil is handcrafted by potters in India using kali[black] and laal [red] mitti which is baked in oven to make it safe for use on induction &/or gas stove. The pots are unglazed, and totally free of any toxic materials or lead and 100% Eco friendly and truly rustic. Will last many years with proper use and care. Handi and Matka vessels are traditionally used for Cooking various Indian curries, daal, biryani, rice , to make Curd[dahi handi]' cookware,earthenware, terracotta,plants gardening, cooking set, flower decoration, kids, pickles, planting. Large red Glazed with handle and lid: 10" D, 5.75" H- 2.25 liter capacity

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