Mexican Handmade Cooking Pot (5 QT) Made of Clay Terra Cotta Traditional Assorted Designs Ideal for Cooking Beans, Rice, Soup

  • Beautiful mexican handcrafted cooking pot for beans, rice and stews
  • Can be used on gas, electric or glass stovetops, microwave, or grill
  • Pot heats evenly and retains heat for a long period
  • Product is handmade so size and design can slightly vary
  • Olla de Barro ( Bean Pot) has a capacity of 1.32gal and it comes with a lid
This beautifully hand-crafted and hand-painted Pot is made by our artisans in Mexico. We provide a wide network of traditional pottery items in red clay, hand painted, with smooth texture. They are used for cooking hot foods in ovens and stoves, to serve cold foods, and to be used as decorative items. They can be stored in refrigerators, washed in dishwashers, and are not harmful to health.

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