HADMB Whistling kettle Capacity 4 Litre Large Cooking Kettles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle For Home Drip Coffee or Camping

  • HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL: food contact material, thick and durable. No harmful substances are released at high temperatures and are in healthy contact with water. Rugged and durable, thickened body base, durable and durable.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: the inside of the pot is bright and easy to clean, the pot is made of electrolysis technology, easy to clean and not easy to breed scale, health and health. The outer mirror has a bright design, which is as bright as a mirror, delicate and smooth, and the surface is clean.
  • AUTOMATIC WHISTLE: The safety alarm sounds when it is boiling. When the water is on, the steam sounds through the inner piano sound to remind you to turn off the fire. The water is called a reminder, and the sound is reminded to reduce energy consumption.
  • BIG SPOUT: A large spout that can be filled with water, facing the sink that is easy to get stuck, this is a gospel. Two types of water injection methods can also be used to open the water. The dust cover reduces heat loss and prevents dust.
  • ANTI-SCALDING HANDLE DESIGN: Insulated bakelite handle is ergonomic, comfortable and insulated, electric wood quality, high temperature and corrosion resistance, not easy to age. Intimate design, feel comfortable.


The sound is a kettle, and the water is boiled to prevent excessive boiling, which is safe and secure. Electrolytic technology, clean and easy to clean, not easy to breed scale, health and health.


1. Insulated bakelite handle, non-slip and anti-scalding

2. The whistle function lets you know when the water is boiling.

3. Can be used in electric furnaces, induction cookers.

4. Special spout design, which can control the flow of water by opening and locking.

5. Suitable for families, coffee shops, kitchens, camping, travel, etc.


Size: 4L

Instructions for use:

1. Please use the former to wash with detergent and then rinse with water.

2. Do not leave the water level too high to prevent water from overflowing.

3. The water level is lower than the mouth of the kettle, and the whistling sound is not loud.

4. Place it upright when heating to avoid getting close to the fire source.


1* whistling kettle


Due to hand measurement, please allow an error of 1-2 m m.

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