NLYR-560W Kitchen Silent Automatic Food Waste Disposer,Convenient for Home Use,1200ML,Overload Protection,Stainless Steel Material,Healthy and Environmentally Friendly

  • ★HIGH-SPEED DC MOTOR:Advanced high-speed DC motor rotation, powerful and efficient grinding, safe blade-free design, Your kitchen drain will no longer be blocked.
  • ★QUIET DESIGN:This food waste disposer has a noise level of less than 48 decibels and uses dual layer soundproofing technology to be quieter than similar processors. When you cook or dine, you will not feel noisy.
  • ★ EFFECTIVE WASTE KITCHEN PROCESSING: It can effectively grind all kinds of food waste, such as bones, eggshell, Spurs fish bone, food scraps, fruit bones, vegetable debris, conrn grains and other food debris etc.easy for home operation
  • ★EASY TO INSTALL:compact design.It can be easily installed into new or existing kitchens. It can be mounted on most sinks.
  • ★MORE USES-The food waste disposer can be easily and carefully installed under the sink. Food waste can be ground into tiny particles with little effort. These particles are automatically flushed from a standard kitchen drain into a local waste treatment system or septic tank. This is an easy way to handle food waste disposal.
Size: 34 * 20cm
Nominal voltage:110-220V
Working frequency: 50Hz
overload protection: yes
Dishwasher Interface: Yes
Grinding chamber capacity: 1200ml

1. Open the cold water tap and release
2. Open the garbage disposal
3. Pour food waste into the sink (do not pour irritating chemicals or hot oil into the sink)
4. Run the food grinder until only the sound of the engine and water is heard
5. Close the food waste disposer after grinding is completed
6. Close the water source after about 15 seconds after grinding is complete.

1. Rinse with cold water, citrus peels often routine to keep the water cool
2. Regularly grind hard objects such as bones and cores to protect the cleaning machine.
3. Avoid grinding non-food waste, such as glass, metal, cloth and highly corrosive chemicals.
4. Regularly inject neutral detergent soak and clean, and operate more freely

Package included:
1 * smart garbage processor

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